About Steve

Steve Flanigan Let me start out by saying that I am very passionate about technology. My this passion started over twenty years ago and has been growing ever since. I will openly admit that I do not know everything, never will nor do I really want to know everything. But I do have a desire to learn as much as possible and keep my skill sets as current as possible. I feel that if you are dedicated to keeping current you must learn something new every day. This has been4 a goal of mine that I have successfully accomplished. I never fail to learn something new every day be it from a technical document or a collegue.

I also provide I.T. and Network Administrator consultation services. This can be for either an individual wanting some technical advice or someone in a SMB environment needing some support services. These services are provided beyond my regular position as an I.T. specialist as a local college.

Now, a little more about myself.

I live in Pensacola Florida but being a Military Brat I was fortunate to live thoughout many parts of the world. I feel that this was beneficial as it gave me the opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways of life thoughout the world.

Growing up in a military environment also taught me a sense of responsibility both in my personal time and time committed to others.  I best demonstrate this in my work ethics and habits.  I am not afraid of responsibility and am not afraid of taking responsibility for the work I do.  If I make a mistake I'll openly admit it, learn from it and immediately do what it takes to remedy the mistake.  I also believe in teamwork though I do feel at times not all projects are best completed as a team.  What I mean by this is that teamwork has its place in I.T., but some tasks are better left to a team of one for successful completion.

Data Rack The field of technology actually started as a hobby with me. As I became more interested I took courses and earned a degree in Computer Information Technology. With this knowledge I was able to build from the ground floor up a domain network in my home. This network consists of servers, both physical and virtual, a Firewall, Cisco Routers and switches.

When I said I built this network from the ground up I was totally honest. I built the data rack, configured the routers, switches, firewall and servers, configured the IP addressing scheme, ran the cabling and maintain this domain network.

Now if you are wondering why I would place a data rack in a room with a window, especially next to a window, keep in mind that this is my home and I do not have any rooms that have no windows. In addition, with my other office furniture in this room, this was the only location where it would fit well enough and allow me access from behind.

This rack not only holds my production domain network, it hold other equipment I use for network testing purposes as well. Not all equipment is running 24/7, just the production network equipment.

I am not all work and no play though.  I do enjoy other activities such as yard work, home projects and other non-I.T. activities.  Some of my other activities have included flying, scuba diving, camping, hiking and boating.  Of course, I do find time to further my technical skill sets and to learn more about the ever-evolving world of technology.